Blue Clear Windows

I have always loved the movies!!  When I was a little girl and we lived in Bagdad, the drive-in was down the hill.  They mostly showed Disney movies (or maybe it was just all we saw--I was clueless).  Some nights when we went, I went in my pajamas.  I seem to remember Cathy and Jo going down closer to the screen to sit on a slab and watch the movie.  We put the speaker in the window and sometimes I fell asleep before it was all over.  Later, when Cathy was married and living in Flagstaff, I'd go to stay with her for some of the summer and one of the cool things is that I got to go to the indoor theater, alone, in the afternoon while Cathy was working.  I got to see Elvis movies and more Disney and musicals.  And I loved it.  Still do.  I think I always will.   As with my books, spoilers are going to happen.  And like the books, if you don't want to know, it's probably best to see it before you read this.