Saturday, May 20, 2023

Contractors: ARRGH!!

Back in November, I hired a local contractor, A,  to replace some siding, fascia boards & paint my house. Nice guy & helper, paid in full.  I was satisfied with his work & recommended him to a coupld of friends. 

First he painted the inside of my friend K's new house & according to her, did a good job except he didn't prime the door frames & paint is peeling off.  She called him to fix it...said he would, has not yet showed back up.

I also gave his name to my neighbor L for some work...nothing done yet.

So this week, I noticed bubbling on at least 3 spots in my fascia boards & called him back over.  He did come by, said was water damage (We'd had some actual rain!!) & the problem was the shingles don't reach far enough off the roof.  I then called a roofing guy to give me an estimate to correct.  He's getting back to me.   

A said they'd be back that afternoon or next day to fix & all I'd have to pay for was the paint. This was on Tuesday.  No show,no calls, not texts. If he'd called & told me it would take a couple of weeks to fix I'd be fine with that.  But not communicating with me ticks me off. Dont' tell me you're going to do something & stand me up.  It's as simple as a text message.

So on Friday afternoon, I sent A a text:

Don't worry about fixing things. I'll hire someone else.  I'll stop referring & chalk it up to typical contractor. Not surprised, just disappointed.

THEN I got a text:  Compilation of 2 texts

Why would you say that?  This is our busiest time of the year for our other business (bouncy houses). This wasn't even caused by me but I was willing to fix it.  I thought you'd be understanding about me saying I'd do it as soon as I can.


You told me 2x that B (helper) would be fixing & nada. No calls,no texts. I would pay you if I needed to. Just saying making promises & not showing up is not good.  I'm very understanding.  A "something came up" & I can't make it later would have been fine.

No response.

I do understand it's a roofing issue but it is something they could have noticed putting up the fascia boards so I would not have to pay 2x for those fascia boards.

I think a lack of communication & sometimes a tendancy to promise more than they deliver is built in contractors' DNA.  And my DNA is different...communicate with me & don't promise if you can't deliver.

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

The Dog Debaucle

Several weeks ago my favorite city department, solid waste, dropped their dumpster & spintered my fence.  The fence had a huge gap & it was apparently a dog magnet.Our neighborhood has a pair of pit bull brothers that run around all day & I ran them out a couple of times. Then, a couple of days later, I hear a whining noise & looked out & found this little creature. I put her back out in the alley, hoping she'd go home but no dice. So I gave her some water & a hot dog & a blanket, hoping she'd be gone by the next morning.  No dice. 

The next day, I took pictures & put her on social media & of course no one claimed her because people are pigs who don't spay their dogs & let them have puppies that are magically someone else's responsibility.  And this pup was apparently mine.

To begin, I'm not a person capable of taking care of a pet. Or a child. Or a plant.  Or anyone besides me.  So, this dog gave me great anxiety & that's not something that happens very often.

First, the sweet family next door met her & wanted her but their landlord said no.  I felt horrible, their kids were upset.

So my friend Lisa, from high school, for goodness sake, agreed to take her.  I took her to the vet for first shots & then delivered her. Unfortunately Lisa had a senior dog who had anxiety too & she rightly so could not keep her. But I couldn't take her back or I'd be in a rubber room somewhere.  Luckily, Lisa had a co-worker who took her & apparently she's doing well. 

If this happens again, I'm going to be one of THOSE people.  I won't work so hard...she'll be in a city park before morning.  The next one will be someone else's problem.  I know I'm not capable, I choose not to have anything to take care of and I will not take care of someone else's responsibility.  It's selfish but it's all I've got.

Oak Ridge Boys

I went last night to the Cactus Theater to see the Oak Ridge Boys.  They were always a favorite of mine.  They were saying last night that they were established as a gospel group in 1947 & after a few member changes & in the early 70s changed to a country band, but they still show their gospel roots.  I love that.

Members Duane Allen, William Lee Golden, Joe Bonsall & Richard Sterban joined together as the "last" Oak Ridge Boys & began touring in 1973.  Amazing that the same guys have been together for 50 years.  

I'd seen them a long time ago in the Lubbock City Colesium (aka "The Bubble") ...probably late 70s or early 80s.  Their opening act was my favorite 'Old Hippies', the Bellamy Brothers.

I've always loved live music concerts & the Cactus is a < 500 seat venue, so the seats are good.  I just saw Diamond Rio there a few weeks ago.  I wrote their review earlier.

The Oak Ridge Boys were, to be kind, old men. Like they are all in their 80s.   The music was familiar of course, but the voices were weak. To be fair, they are used to larger venues & their sound equipment was way too much for the room so that didn't help anything.  But it wasn't everything.  

Richard Sterban, the bass singer of the group, was out sick & there was a fill in last night. Aaron Something did a great job.

Joe Bonsall was having leg issues & their tour manager & Duane had to all but carry him to the stage. 

I will give them great credit...last night was their 2nd one in a row...they had sold out Sunday & agreed to another show.  Not sure a lot of younger bands could do that. And they were leaving after the show last night to drive back to Nashville on a bus, so big props there. 

I'm glad I went.  I don't know how long they'll be able to tour & I'm not sure they should be. I'm sure they love it but I'd probably think there would come a time  where they'd be tired of buses & maybe want to stay home with their families.  But who knows?

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Really Good Green Beans


1 box Green Giant Simply Steam Green Beans w/Almonds, no sauce

1 TBSP butter

2 Tsp brown sugar

1 Tsp salt (or to taste)

2 slices cooked bacon.  

Melt together butter & brown sugar.  Add green beans.  Just cook til hot, add in bacon & almonds from box, salt to taste, serve.

Several years ago I was looing for an easy recipe for fancy green beans for Thanksgiving that did not involve green bean casserole.  I found one we really like that almost the same as the one above only it used fresh green beans (better of course) but also made a lot more. Then last time I bought frozen green beans at the store they only had the no sauce & we all know that means yuck.  So at lunch today I decided "what do I have to lose?" I adjusted my recipe & have to say it was easy & turned out delish!!.  I even put them in the pan frozen & because they are technically already cooked it was quick.  And I loved the crunch of almonds & bacon.   I didn't take a picture because they look like green beans. And I didn't think of it.  But they were pretty.