Saturday, October 14, 2023

Steve Wariner

I got to see Steve Wariner at the Cactus Theater last night.  He was a big old deal in the 80s & 90s, which is the era of all my concerts these days. Well, me and about 400 of my friends. No one under 50 that's for sure.

While he is a good singer, he's more famous for his songwriting & his guitar work.  And he's a star in all of that. He sang all of the songs I knew, plus a couple I did not realize he wrote.  He was very personable, had a great sense of humor & seemed to have a really good time. Only issue was for the money he could have gone on a little longer.   But I enjoyed a lot.

I was thinking about his songs & think he had a lot of heartache when he was single. Kind of like Adele...brilliant but a little sad. 

It was cool that he didn't have a band.  He had a guy who'd bring him different guitars but he was on stage alone, something I can imagine is really hard to do.  The show was billed as "An intimate evening with Steve Wariner" & I'd go with intimate. 

I took a couple of pictures for this post but lots were recording songs. I fully don't understand having millions of videos & pictures on my phone but to each his own. I think the lady in front of me recorded the entire concert.

Can't wait for the next concert I want to see.  The Cactus is fun.