Sunday, November 28, 2021

New Blog

This is my new blog.   I may be the only person left on the planet who has one but I like to write even though no one reads it or comments on it.  It's for me. 

I've had a website with Go Daddy but they have gotten pretty horsey about customer service & comments & they cost more money than I want to pay.   This site is free.  Free is my favorite price.  So here I am.

I spent 2 days copying good blog posts from the old site before I disable it. I think I chose well.

After 2 calls and 2 hours with Go Daddy we are mostly working.  Hopefully the rest will make it's way through the system "in the next 24-48 hours".  We'll see.  But after some frustrating time with blogger & themes & layouts I'm pretty pleased with where we are. 

And the last Go Daddy thinks I might get a refund for my unused time (paid up til May)...but I doubt that.  He's tech support, not the person who gives refunds.  

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