Sunday, July 30, 2023

Am I a Foodie?

A guy on Twitter--now X--asked the other day if we considered ourselves a foodie.  I replied that I'm foodier.  

Since food is so expensive & I cook more & try to have variety & try to eat better, I'm experimenting.

I've made quesadillas before but now I'm trying new things.  I made air-fryer chicken, added onion, peppers, celery, broccoli & cheese.  It was dang good.  And it made 2 so it was dang good rewarmed 2 days later. 

I do need to temperature adjust to avoid the charcoal but it was workable. 

Gonna make again!

Friday, July 21, 2023

Ice Cream Truck

Growing up in Arizona in the late 60s I used to get to go to Flagstaff to my sister Cathy's house for time in the summer, from my years 10-12.  My oldest niece Karla was about 3 & I'd sit with her while Cathy was at work.  Her husband Jimmy worked out of town during the week so it was mainly just the 3 of us.

They lived in a 2 bedroom apartment that I've come to realize was probably low income housing though I don't know that sure. I remember thinking it was a nice place & I wanted an aparement just like it when I grew up.

About one time a week, Cathy would leave money so Karla & I could buy from the ice cream man.  I don't exactly remember but I can't imagine it was over a dollar for both of us. 

Today I was sitting here reading & was thinking how hot it is & that I wanted an ice cream.  I don't keep it in the house because I tend to have it every meal (as the meal) til it's gone.  No lies.  So I will sometimes get a single cone but try to keep it to once a week.  Today, as  I was thinking about how good an ice cream would taste, I heard the familiar strains of 'The Entertainer" headed my way. I ran for my wallet & flagged down the ice cream truck God had sent me.  I wanted a Nutty Buddy cone but he didn't have so I "settled" for a neopolitan ice cream sandwich.  And it was good too.  My craving is settled.

Funny thing, as the apparent official, national song of ice cream trucks, 'The Entertainer' played I asked him "Do you ever get tired of that song?"....and he said "What song?". 


Sunday, July 16, 2023

Soccer season done...

Home from a heartbreaking loss for the #LubbockMatadors, 0-1 in OT. Worked up courage to get my kit shirt signed by the players. I am now a soccer fan tho I don't fully understand. Sad for these kids who played their hearts out. Shirt will never be a collectors item but I'll keep it & wear it & rememeber how fun this season was.

Talked to a couple of the players. They are students on scholarship at different universities & this may be the only summer they get to do this. Maybe a last hurrah before life begins. Thrilled for them. Hope to see some back next year. Can't wait for next season.

Last time Brownsville was in town, we sat next to these 2 ladies in for the game, one a Brownsville team mom. They were very nice & we talked for awhile & I went to say hi tonight. I told her I'd been thinking about her following her son & his dreams. I asked her if she'd dreamed of spending her disposable income traveling to exotic places like Lubbock! At the end of the game she brought me a #LubbockMatadors hat. It was an extremely sweet gesture.

Anyone who knows me knows I hate losing & I hate other teams celebrating on our field, I also appreciate that you have to be true to your school (as it were)...I was touched to receive the hat.

Thats' me--top row,end between guy i
n gray shirt & woman holding child.

Friday, July 7, 2023

It's true.



I filed a lawsuit yesterday for some painting that was done at my house last November & turned out to be a disaster.  Paint literally fell off my fascia boards.  Scammer painter said "not my fault", blamed roofer & refused to come fix.  I had to hire someone else last week for $1800 to come fix the mess.  I have never sued anyone before but decided it was time to stand up for myself.  I have pictures, roofer & painter ready to testify & text messages.  Scammer going down!

Alex says it fell off house because it got wet. I told him I'd owned a house for 40 years & never had paint fall off my house before.

Scammer Alex & his mouthy wife who carries his balls in her purse are not going to be happy.  It's gonna be a bumpy ride.  She sent a text telling to me to stop sending hateful messages.  Hateful is not how I ride.   I just line my ducks up.  I hope.  😄