Monday, April 17, 2023

Diamond Rio

Well, I'd bought the ticket 2 months ago, the very last on on the website, but then I forgot about it until I got a reminder email on Friday & dang was I happy!! 😄😄  I got to go to the Cactus Theater to see Diamond Rio last night.  Woohoo!!   

DR, as they are known to their friends, is a country band that has been recording & touring for more than 30 years & they have great voices & a slew of hits & I'm a huge fan.  I would not have gone to a big place to see them but the Cactus is 426 seats & feels very cozy.  It's been remodeled, has great sound, a concession stand & is very easy to get to & park around.  Always clean & a nice respectful.  Mostly they do tribute shows & oldies nights, which suits geezers like me.  Occasionally, I've seen famous people too.  I got to see B J Thomas there last time he was in Lubbock & since he's my favorite singer ever, I was thrilled. And sometimes there is Diamond Rio!!

A Lubbock musician named Jeff McCreight & his band of 2 guitar players & 2 background singers opened the show.  He's a good singer & I've always enjoyed his music.  He was saying he'd just recorded his 1st CD in Nashville & I might have bought one because again, I like his music & I like to support local but I have absolutely no way of playing CDs anymore.  Think he's possibly a decade too late.  He played one song that I liked in particular that said something like "If you aren't seeing love, you're not looking hard enough".  Love the lyrics & the message.  His guitar players were phenomenal & I know he introduced them but I don't know names.  Don't remember the guy but I'd seen the girl in the hat at the Lubbock Songwriters Showcase last year.  Both left me speechless.  I had a corner seat & my pics are not great but here is Jeff & his crew:

Then it was showtime!!  And what a show it was!!

They sang a whole bunch of their hits & sounded wonderful.  They had a real ass band behind them, full of energy & fun.  Both primary singers played guitar, they had a girl who played manodlin & fiddle & sang back up, plus a guy who played bass guitar & banjo, a drummer & a keyboard player.  The music was amazing.  They didn't act asshole-y playing for a small crowd instead of a bunch in an arena.  (Hello, Toby Keith).  They actually seemed to be enjoying the smaller crowd & interacted with the audience throughout the show.  And it added to the fun.  Everyone I saw left happy.  Good job, Cactus Theater!!  Great job, Diamond Rio.  

Diamond Rio trivia:  There have been some rollover over the years.  One of their former lead singers is Ty Herdon

I've been humming Diamond Rio all day!!

 Diamond Rio 4-16-2023

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