Saturday, September 23, 2023



I don't sleep much.  I have a busy mind & toss & turn every night before going to sleep. Then I can sleep for a couple of hours & wake up again.  Usually at about 4am. Then hopefully asleep again by 6    Luckily I don't have to go to work anymore so it's rare that I have to be up at a specific time.  Even then, I rarely sleep past 9.  Then I go all day unrested & start over again.  So I've tried things to help.

1. Melatonin--gives me nightmares

2. OTC pill from Costco.  Bottle says take 2.  1 knocks me on my butt.  Out like a light for 12 solid hours. Won't hear phone if it rings. I wake up feeling better but  just sitting down & I'm back asleep again for a couple of hours.  I usually can sleep next night too.  Takes awhile to get through my system, obviously.  I can't take every day & function.

3. Tried CBD stuff.  I went to a local store & girl dold me I need this oil stuff that went under my tongue.  I've tried for 2 weeks.  It does clear my mind but it doesn't put me to sleep.  I actually think it might have made it worse, if that's possible. And it cost me $105.  Money down the drain,for sure.

Then yesterday, went back to store hoping for a refund but instead a new girl sold me edibles for $30, half price since the other stuff didn't work.  I was a wimp & not sure how to hande exactly (unlike me) but I took them.  Then last night I read jar & it didn't really say what it was or what it was for.  No dosage listed.  I knew to take just 1 but not the point.  So today I went back to store.

Another employee, the "manager" told me they did not do refunds but the girl yesterday sold me the wrong thing & that he knew what I needed & he'd give it to me for "free"...meaning no extra money.  I asked for a refund appeal to the manager since no one really knew what they were doing, nor do they know their product. Believe it or not, I said things more tactfully than that.  I ended up getting my refund.   

I'll bet that manager was maybe 22. He said he used to work at Home Goods.  Nice kid, seemed pretty bright. I hope he's going to school too because the snob in me hopes his future is not going to retail to retail job.  No future in that.  

Well, this post took a little turn here.

Going to talk to PCP about sleep next time I see her.  I hate taking meds but I actually think I hate not sleeping more.  

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