Saturday, October 15, 2022

Why Do People Think My Business Is Their Business?

Not my window

On Thursday I met wiht a guy who sells Anderson windows to discuss some new windows for my house.  We talked at first about doing 3 windows (1 in living room, 2 in my bedroom) but I ended up buying 9 total.  They will be here in the next few months.  They weren't cheap.  I'm not a person who likes debt & I haven't been in in debt for awhile but I financed them.  I could have taken money from 401k but I hate touching it--even though it's in the frigging toilet right now.   I am at the point that I can make the monthly payments.  And if someday I decide to pay off I can.  I'm paying quite a bit of interest but it's a trade off I can live with to keep my savings intact. I'm pretty excited.  They are going to be gorgeous.

Today, a guy named Marty came by to look at some facia boards that need to be replaced.  He's a nice guy who worked on my front porch last year & I asked him awhile ago to power wash my house & then replace the boards.  He's dragged his feet but we might be finally rolling.  He had some eye rolls about my windows & the company I went with which is the best in the business.  He knew someone to refer me to (probably a bird dog fee involved) & asked me a couple of times if I'd signed a contract.  I was polite but he needs to stay in his lane.  I was a little annoyed  If he'd asked one time, fine.  But then he needs to back off.  When he pays my bills he gets a say.  Not until.  #Not.His.Businesss

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