Monday, April 8, 2024

Byron W Lacy

Byron W Lacy, You spoke to my heart

I don't know Byron W Lacy although he was my Facebook friend.  When my friend Susan came to Tech, she had gone to a JUCO in Athens, TX  (forgive me for not knowing the name) and she had gone to school with Byron and she had a book that had poems in it and I wrote them in my 'Nothing Book' back in 1976.  I wanted to put them on this blog but wanted  Byron's permission and he generously gave it to me.  So with the full knowledge and notice that he retains full copyrights and ownership here are the 2 poems I copied all those years ago:

Something Good

There were times
When I would rather
Have slept forever.

I saw you
In dreams then
And that was better
Than not seeing 
You at all.

I took to leaving
The alarm clock
In the kitchen, unset,
Where I couldn't 
Even hear it's ticking 
And moved my bed
Where the sun
On slipping through
The uncurtained window
Would not catch me

I guess something good
Has come out of
Your not needing me
As much as i need you.

I give the cat more attention
And she's happy;
I neglected her
Far too much before.


The Soft Goodbye

If you had really cared for me,
You would have told me
That someday you wouldn't.

Thanks Byron.  Thank you for touching my young heart then and my old heart now.  Thanks for letting me publish these poems.

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