Friday, February 11, 2022

The Eyes of Tammy Faye


I don't see many movies anymore because I don't like funnelling money into hypocrital Hollywood. I used to go to the theater a couple of times a month.  The only movie I saw at the theater in 4 years was the last James Bond.  I don't really care too much about "stars"quiet politics but hate them shoving their views down our throats like they are special.   Basically, they are performing monkeys.  And I give them the respect that garners.  I wouln't kick them & would give them treats if they were good little monkeys.

One of the things the plandemic has done is forge partnerships between the movie studios & streaming services.  Some movies are on both platforms I'll watch a movie on streaming as long as it's free.   And if it's on HBO Max (free with my internet service) or Prime (from Amazon, I pay a yearly fee for streaming & free shipping) so I still consider it free.

So.  Today I watched a new movie called 'The Eyes of Tammy Faye'.  It is a biopic telling the story of Tammy Faye & Jim Bakker, snake oil ministers who started bilking their "partners" out of money in the 1980s.  They had a satellite network & a daily TV show where there were lots of tears & promises of God's blessings for a little cash. And they got a lot of cash.  The couple ended up with big homes with gold faucets & furs & ministry compounds.  And while Jim had the magic snake tongue, Tammy Faye sang & did fake-for-the-cameras "compassionate" interviews, all covered in 5 pounds of eye makeup & eye lashes.  And the daily tears left her face looking like Heath Ledger's Joker in a Batman movie.  Guessing that's where the movie title came from.


Heath Ledger as the Joker

In the early 90s their life came crashing down. Their 30 year marriage began to crumble.  As Jim rose to prominence, he began to neglect Tammy Faye & have affairs with both women & men.  TF had at the least an emotional affair with a music producer & the movie implies more at least once.  And authorities started looking at their finances & everything went down. There were shady investments & payoffs to keep marital affairs secret.  They were in partnerships with older snake oil salesmen preachers Pat Robertson & Jerry Falwell, among others. Apparently  the market for bilking people out of poor people had a limits.  And while promising the Bakkers help with their finiancial, moral & religious woes, the others turned on them & hung them out to dry.   

Jim Bakker then did what was possibly the only decent & honest thing he'd ever done & took the blame for everything.  He was sentenced to 8 years in jail for fraud, among other things.  He served 5.  Tammy Faye divorced his sleazy butt was contined singing & ministering til she died in 2007.   And Jimbo??  Got out of prison, started his ministering & bilking again & actually got another woman to marry him. He was sued just last year for some plandemic fraud thing.  Living proof that the shit floats. 

Around this time some other "ministers" were exposed for their true selves.  Jerry Fallwell & Jerry Jr had scandels.  Jimmy Swaggert, a Lousiana preacher also.  Pat Robertson appears to be fairly scandel free.  He even ran for president.

I am a Christian & have always been offended by TV preachers & the face they project on Christianity.  Judgemental, hypocritical & always with their hands out.  I remember our small town minister...visiting the hospitals, performing weddings & funerals & being there when needed.  The TV shysters give them all a bad name & that's not fair at all. 

The movie starred Jessica Chastain & Andrew Garfield, both actors that I'm not familiar with considering my Hollywood distaste.  JC was nominated for an Academy Award so the the chief Hollywood monkeys think she gave a great performance.  AG was not nominated but I found his portrayal of Jim Bakker appropriately smarmy.   I have not seen any other movies nominated for anything so I'm not sure of JC's chances to win. 

The Real Bakkers

Movie Bakkers 

My favorite Tammy Faye joke:

If you remove her make up, you'll find Jimmy Hoffa.  (He was a union leader who disappeared without a trace in 1975)

If you have to explain the joke it's probably lost it's effectiveness.  😐

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