Saturday, February 26, 2022

What a week...

Globe Life Park


I was hoping to live a dream to go to spring training for the Texas Rangers in Arizona this year but the gazillionaire owners have decided to lock the gazillionaire players out over a contract dispute.  After the last 2 years of the plandemic & the shortened baseball seasons & limited fans you'd think they'd all want to play ball but it's seriously like they want us to all give up on them.  And they are about to get what they want.  It's going to be hard to get us back.  

Instead I decided to go to Arlington to the '2022 State Farm Showdown', basically some pre-season games in a sorta tournament format.  Tech played 3 games, against Michigan, Arizona & Auburn.  Red Raiders one one, lost 2 which is better than last years 0-3.  But they do well later in the year...pre-seasonsorta tournaments are not their thing.  But they did play in the new Globe Life Park, the indoor stadium they just built.  It's pretty & I like the 72 degrees year round but I liked the old stadium (right next door) better.  Not sure I can explain.  I liked the open stadium better & it's still in great shape but for some reason they decided they needed a new one.  For the aforementioned NO DANG BASEBALL.  And they are no cash & I'd taken cash to pay for my $8 hotdogs & cokes.  And only a quarter of the concessions were open so the choices sucked.  And to top it all off, I left my Visa at a concession stand & knew it immediately.  I went to guest services to report & turned it off so I had to use my debit card which I hate doing.  And I cancelled Visa.  I checked back on Sunday...but then got a call on Monday that they'd found but it was too late.  So that was a mess all it's own.   The good part was that I got to spend the afternoon at the game with my friend Linda & before that I got to eat lunch with Donna & Danny & Linda at Babes. 

Later on Sunday night, I went to my Aunt's house to spend a couple of days.  On Monday, we went to Buc'cees.  


And on Tuesday we had brunch with Linda & my cousin Sharon & then I had a killer massage, in more ways than one.  I'd requested deep tissue & I'll rethink that next time.  I was sore!!   

I was planning on coming home on Wednesday but woke up to ice that lasted til yesterday morning.  I love my Aunt & cousins but I was ready to come home.  Their fancy house was cold & we were all boxed together for too long.  

And the drive is maybe driving to Arizona is unrealistic.  I hate I-20 & usually don't go that way but I was going to Arlington so it was closest.  Road construction--or rumors of--was everywhere.  I never saw any workers or barrels or cones but 60 mph speed limits & backed up cars & trucks were horrible.  And coming back my GPS took me a strange way that involved more trucks til I got to Wichita Falls.  And then the back roads home were normal.  I hate the drive anyway we go.  I've definitely made my last drive alone.  

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