Saturday, May 14, 2022

Table Runner

 I saw one of these on Pinterest & loved it & decided "I can do that!".   I have that thought alot when I see things & I'm usually wrong but I thought I'd try this one.  It's certainly not fancy or perfect but I'm happy with it.  

I collected doilys for a couple of years.  They are getting harder & harder to find for awhile now because they are certainly an art of the past.  I had several in my collection box but chose these because they seemed to fit together.   I would have gone with blue as a primary color.  But blue is hard to find & I settled on the pink.  The one with the tan & the black eyed susans is one my granny Annie made.  So that was a given.  I tried it in the middle & it didn't look good.  The large gold one seemed to fit better.  I like it.

Here it is with my table centerpiece.  Not sure if it will stay.  I'll have to watch it for a couple of days to see.  

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