Monday, June 20, 2022

This Time Tomorrow *Book*

I found this book on an Instagram blog called 'LoneStar Reads'.  You can tell by my book list post that I tend to get in a rut & I'm always looking for new reads.  My friend Linda recommended this blog.

The book is called 'This Time Tomorrow' & I did someting I'm not sure I've ever done...I read with no info.  I didn't read the virtual back of the book.  I had not read a review.  I had absolutely no idea what this book was about.

This book is about Alice Stern, an about to be 40 school administrator, single,New Yorker who is dealing with her dad's illness. Alice grew up with a single dad who wrote stories in the past about boys who time traveled.

For the first half of the book. this was the gentlest read I can remember in a long time, even if I still didn't know where we were heading with this book.  Then we hit Alice's 40th birthday.  She heads to her dad's house after a drunken evening & can't get in the house so she ends up sleeping in an old guard house which turns out to be a portal for time travel.  Alice wakes up to celebrate her 16th birthday with her healthy dad & her high school friends.  She takes the time to make some changes...she goes after the boy she always wanted.  She tries to change some of her dad's habits to try to make his health better.  But the spell only lasts one day.  We are good to here.

But then Alice tells her dad about the time travel & he's thrilled because he's done it too.  And there are long discussions with his cronies about the situation that are only confusing &  way too long.  Basically, Alice ends up going back & forth from 40 to 16 with different scenarios of what happens to her life.  It's all very confusing.  And she never seems to be in a happy place. 

Finally, at the end she lets her poor ailing dad rest & stays at 40 years old, without the boy she always wanted.  Truthfully, I'm not 100% where her life is headed & was too confused & indifferent to go back & read it again.  

Time travel seems to be a very popular topic right now, probably thanks to the popularity of  Diana Gabaldon  & her Outlander series. DG has done this very well.  Not everyone has that talent.  Sometimes the story is just confusing.

But the first half was a very gentle read.

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