Sunday, January 8, 2023

A Movie Today

I don't like Hollywood very much right now.  Their morals are in the toilet.  They produce crap after crap & want our money.  They have no imagination.  How many Marvel movies (never seen,never will) can they make?

Prior to 2017, the content wasn't a lot better, but I did go to the movies about once a week.  But then Hollywood people felt the need to shove their political views down our throats & the Donald Trump hate was rampant.  I don't like Trump but I hate being told how to think even worse.  And they are so smug about it, like they are flying some big morality flag.  I decided but they didn't need my money.

 There is a not great movie called 'The Magestic' which started out good with Jim Carrey (major asshole & crazy as a bedbug) & Martin Landau 😍 who I adore.  It starts with Jim Carrey coming into a small town & he looks just like Martin Landau's son, who was killed in the war.  Dad was never the same after he lost his son & imposter gave him life again.  Dad owned an old time glamour movie theater & he & imposter decide to restore it.  He sas a great line about people coming to theater again, "Why would people stay home & watch a box when they could come here?".   The rest of the movie sucks after that.  But I still love that line.  I used to feel that way but after politics & covid & theaters being closed it's more of a hassle than it's worth.  Plus, I have a bunch of streaming channels & can basically see anything I want, except the really new stuff. But, for some reason, I decided to go out of my house & to the theater.

So, it has changed.  They have an ATM thing to dispense tickets but I had cash so I tried the box office but had to get ticket at concession stand.  I got a reserved seat.  So I ordered water (no soft drink 2023,that's me) & a small popcorn.  He handed me the water & an empty bag.  There is a big old machine that spits popcorn in the bag at the push of a button.  A little girl explained it to me.  Then in the theater, there were only 4 rows & there were only 2 of us.  I did not sit in my reserved seat.  But the seats are lounge chairs, feet up & all & a tray table, like I'm on an airplane.   The experience was nice.

The movie was good   It's called 'The Whale', about a reclusive, obese online teacher who knows he's dying & wants to reconnect with his nasty, big mouthed teenage daughter, for some unknown reason.  I could see someone just pushing her down the stairs & leaving her for dead. But he felt guilty & wanted to get to know her before he died.

Charlie also had a sweet caregiver who was his best friend & we met a missionary who was pointless & got a glimpse of a pizza delivery man who was there to gape at Charlie & his weight, a zoom class he was teaching (class never saw Charlie) who got a final glimpse so they could look shocked & laugh.  Also, we got a glimpse of Charlie's ex-wife who was a drunk & still bitter that Charlie left her for another man & the mother of the she-devil child. All contributed to the story but Charlie was the main story

Charlie's partner Alan had committed suicide after dealing with the missionary's church. And Alan was the caregiver's sister.  He life had deterioriated after Alan's death.  He didn't leave his home.  He ate to cover his pain.  Brendan Fraser is an actor who had been blackballed from Hollywood after reporting a sexual assault & he did a phenomenal job.  You could feel every pain Charlie did. And I cried my eyes out more than once. The ending was indescribable. By that, we don't really know what happened because writers in Hollywood aren't talented enough to write an ending.  I do recommend the movie for Brendan Fraser's performance.  The rest?  Meh.

And I'm not an anti gay person.  I don't care who anyone sleeps with.  But in the world these days, there are no straight people left in the world. So of course Charlie is gay & left his marriage for another man.  It's getting old. 

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