Friday, July 7, 2023


I filed a lawsuit yesterday for some painting that was done at my house last November & turned out to be a disaster.  Paint literally fell off my fascia boards.  Scammer painter said "not my fault", blamed roofer & refused to come fix.  I had to hire someone else last week for $1800 to come fix the mess.  I have never sued anyone before but decided it was time to stand up for myself.  I have pictures, roofer & painter ready to testify & text messages.  Scammer going down!

Alex says it fell off house because it got wet. I told him I'd owned a house for 40 years & never had paint fall off my house before.

Scammer Alex & his mouthy wife who carries his balls in her purse are not going to be happy.  It's gonna be a bumpy ride.  She sent a text telling to me to stop sending hateful messages.  Hateful is not how I ride.   I just line my ducks up.  I hope.  😄

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