Friday, July 21, 2023

Ice Cream Truck

Growing up in Arizona in the late 60s I used to get to go to Flagstaff to my sister Cathy's house for time in the summer, from my years 10-12.  My oldest niece Karla was about 3 & I'd sit with her while Cathy was at work.  Her husband Jimmy worked out of town during the week so it was mainly just the 3 of us.

They lived in a 2 bedroom apartment that I've come to realize was probably low income housing though I don't know that sure. I remember thinking it was a nice place & I wanted an aparement just like it when I grew up.

About one time a week, Cathy would leave money so Karla & I could buy from the ice cream man.  I don't exactly remember but I can't imagine it was over a dollar for both of us. 

Today I was sitting here reading & was thinking how hot it is & that I wanted an ice cream.  I don't keep it in the house because I tend to have it every meal (as the meal) til it's gone.  No lies.  So I will sometimes get a single cone but try to keep it to once a week.  Today, as  I was thinking about how good an ice cream would taste, I heard the familiar strains of 'The Entertainer" headed my way. I ran for my wallet & flagged down the ice cream truck God had sent me.  I wanted a Nutty Buddy cone but he didn't have so I "settled" for a neopolitan ice cream sandwich.  And it was good too.  My craving is settled.

Funny thing, as the apparent official, national song of ice cream trucks, 'The Entertainer' played I asked him "Do you ever get tired of that song?"....and he said "What song?". 


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