Sunday, July 16, 2023

Soccer season done...

Home from a heartbreaking loss for the #LubbockMatadors, 0-1 in OT. Worked up courage to get my kit shirt signed by the players. I am now a soccer fan tho I don't fully understand. Sad for these kids who played their hearts out. Shirt will never be a collectors item but I'll keep it & wear it & rememeber how fun this season was.

Talked to a couple of the players. They are students on scholarship at different universities & this may be the only summer they get to do this. Maybe a last hurrah before life begins. Thrilled for them. Hope to see some back next year. Can't wait for next season.

Last time Brownsville was in town, we sat next to these 2 ladies in for the game, one a Brownsville team mom. They were very nice & we talked for awhile & I went to say hi tonight. I told her I'd been thinking about her following her son & his dreams. I asked her if she'd dreamed of spending her disposable income traveling to exotic places like Lubbock! At the end of the game she brought me a #LubbockMatadors hat. It was an extremely sweet gesture.

Anyone who knows me knows I hate losing & I hate other teams celebrating on our field, I also appreciate that you have to be true to your school (as it were)...I was touched to receive the hat.

Thats' me--top row,end between guy i
n gray shirt & woman holding child.

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