Saturday, August 26, 2023



I went to Colorado in June & used my GPS to get everywhere I needed to be, mostly without incident.  I had some issues with it taking me some backroads because of flooding. I figured out where I was way off track going & coming back was a breeze til I tried to cross from New Mexico into Texas & it sent me backroads then for some reason.  It had me on a farm road that was horrible...but I'm fixing that. 

I'm planning a small trip next month to Ruidoso & decided I needed an atlas.  I actually found a New Mexico map in one of my files but then I ordered a used atlas from Ebay.  It's a 2018 but in great shape & I'm pretty sure nothing has changed since then, roadwise. 

GPS does a great job telling me what road to go on & that in 56.2 miles I need to turn but it doesn't tell me what town I'm going through.  Even worse, I stopped at the Sonic & a gas station in one town & asked the kids working what the next town was & they didn't know.  Holy cluelessness a super power now?  

My atlas & I are going solve all those problems.  Yay!

I have to thrown in that when I got the atlas in the mail I thought of my friend Kyle.  He passed away about a year ago & my heart still hurts.  But Kyle loved, LOVED maps & atlases.  He'd sit & go through them for hours .  He was my atlas dude.  

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