Thursday, August 3, 2023



I made an impulse purchase today...this jigsaw puzzle, from Costco.  When my mom was alive, we did a lot of puzzles, but 300 piece puzzles, not 1000 pieces.  And I enjoyed it because I got to be with her.  I like them too but I'm not very good at them.  I have problems seeing things in pieces & seeing a finished picture.  I also can't do the puzzles where I'm supposed to find 4 teapots in a big picture.  My brain just doesn't go there.  But I love Vegas & this looked fun.  I already missed several side pieces already & if I finish this, it'll take me a year. But...on I go. 

My sister Cathy always loved Vegas too & I thought of her today as I worked on this.  She was not a lucky person & would run out of money fast. "I'd play, but I don't have any money...(insert sad face) I'd give her half of what I had.  But I was ok with that.

Mom liked going too & we always got to meet Cathy & usually her daughter Karla or some friends.  Cathy's big thing was saving money on hotel rooms & she was ok with 6 or so people in one room.  I always got another room for mom & me...Cathy never understood why but I wouldn't sleep for a month with that many people around me.  Always made us all laugh.

I'll post a picture if I ever finish the puzzle.

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