Sunday, May 26, 2024


It's supposed to be a cross between a croissant & a muffin.  Easy to make, but...

3 Tubes of crescent roll sheets

1 C sugar

1 T of cinnamon

6 T butter

350 degrees

Mix sugar & cinnamon.

Flatten croissant sheets. Spreatd 3 T butter on each. Sprinkle sugar/cinnamon.  Roll tightly, cut into 2 rolls. Then cut rolls lengthwise.  Roll up from ends til it looks like a cinnamon roll. Bake in a standard muffin tin for 20 minutes.  Those are the official instructions.

First thing is crescent roll sheets are $5.29 a tube. $15.87 is for 12 muffins is a little much.  A little  much. I instead used pie dough, which of course has no yeast so it won't rise like a normal cinnamon roll. I did use a muffin tin but they were not done in 20 minutes. Next time I'll just use a cookie sheet & toothpicks to hold them together.  I took them out of tin & finished baking on cookie sheet for an additional 8 minutes.

Taste is really good though it's hard to not like anything full of cinnamon & sugar.  The texture reminded me of when my mom would make extra pie crust & we got to put them in the oven with ...guess...butter,cinnamon & sugar.  

Costco has regular Pillsbury crescent rolls in bulk so I'll check the price & will try again. If still too expensive, I'll use the pie crust again.  

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