Sunday, June 16, 2024

Round Rubber Grippers

Back in the dark ages, I worked for Southwestern Bell & we always had sales promotions.  We had one where we would get tickets for a drawing & there were some good prizes but the consolation prize was a "round rubber gripper" & I got a bunch of them.  This had to be prior to 1995 because that was the year Southwestern Bell morphed into SBC Corporation.  And I retired in 2010.  Now, I'm in the middle of summer cleaning & found 3 in a box,plus I had 2 in cabinet drawer.  Basically I'm a little panicked to find I only have 5 left. 😂  Maybe they'll last me for the rest of my jar opening life.   

And my boss Cathy built a new house that year.  My friend Virginia made her a blue round rubber gripper flower arrangement for her as a housewarming gift.  

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