Thursday, March 3, 2022

Cutting the cord

I "cut the cord" on my TV years ago.  Cable TV is horribly expensive & what a waste.  They have 15 channels that anyone wants watch & 60 that no one cares about.  The Book Channel? The Catholic Channel? (No offense).  The Golf Channel??  Geez.  Basically, not for me.  So I bought a Tivo to record shows & tuned into my 40 or so local channels.   But then streaming started & oh, I have a lot of stuff.  

A couple of days ago I was discussing with a friend on Twitter about streaming services.  He'd gotten a deal for Paramount+ & we got to discussing what streaming services & after I'd typed my services I decided I might need to re-evaluate my choices because even though I don't really pay that much & have gotten deals I technically have a lot to watch & I don't watch much.  I'm mostly paid up for a year but will re-evaluate when it's time to renew.   

No excess is my goal....

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