Saturday, March 5, 2022

Farmer's Market

Yummy Farmer's Market Donuts

It's only March so there are not a lot of fruits & veggies ripe to sell but a community outside of Lubbock still has their farmer's market every Saturday from 10-2.  Some days have been really cold but today is very nice, except for the gusty winds.  They have a "blessings table" where they have non perishable groceries for free if anyone needs anything.  I try to take a bag or 2 every time I go out.  Today I had 3 but I had a 6 pack of TP & a roll of paper towels.  And I bought a bacon & cheese scone & a dozen tiny donuts that the guy made right in front of us in a very cool donut machine.  His mom & dad were helping out.  It was very cool.  I'm glad that even in March they can still grow donuts. 

The booths are interesting.  2 people were selling crocheted animals.  Lots of baked goods, pickles,honey, candles, wine, lunch trucks. Later there will be fresh veggies & fruits.  They had some today but not much & stuff that is not in season.  I smell a trip to Sprouts. Just people trying to make a little extra cash.  Or maybe that's how it started but now they may just need cash to buy groceries.  And I love that they have outlets to sell.   Most things are overpriced...I'm not paying $15 for 12 cheese rolls even though I'm sure they taste great.   My donuts were $6 for a dozen & the guy made them right in front of me.  Not a true bargain but worth every bite. 

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