Monday, November 28, 2022

Political enemies? Not that I knew of...

I have--or had, I guess--a friend for at least 40 years.  We worked together closely & became good friends outside work.   I've cared about her & her husband & her son.  But for some reason, she's dropped me this last year.

So, a few things.

We don't agree on anything politically.  She & her husband are lunatic Democrats & I'm more conservative.  I'm not a Donald Trump person but Biden, Harris & Pelosi are pimples full of pus as far as I'm concerned.  But I have made it a point to NOT discuss politics to either of them.  I don't have an explanation but apparently if I don't agree with her political views I'm no longer worth knowing.  

And the sad thing is that I don't really care. Our relationship has always been pretty one sided.   She doesn't want to hear about my life but has to call to tell me her husband has a health issue or about her  grandchildren or (recently) about her old girl scould leader dying.  I've been at her house & wanted to go to Fort Worth or anywhere else, it's always no! NO NO NO!!  No compromise at all.  So I usually go alone & she sure doesn't really like that at all. 

Last time I heard from her was in September to share something off Facebook.   I haven't had FB in about a year.  Part of it was because of this person.  She commented on every post & if I posted something she didn't like she'd comment or message me.  And I always told her sorry we didn't agree but even an exchange like that has been over a year ago. 

She didn't send me a birthday wish.  Yesterday was her birthday.  I thought about is a couple of days.  And last night I sent her a happy birthday message.  I told her I hope she had a good birthday.  Her husband answered that she had a good day.  Nothing from her.  (They share a FB account.  And car.  And cell phone.  I think it's all strange but that's just me!).

I'm really sad to say that I'm not as upset about this as I thought I'd be.  Friendships change I guess.  And if I'm dropped because I don't agree politically (as I suspect) it's not a great loss I guess.  

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