Wednesday, November 30, 2022


I've found the last few posts here have been grumpy posts & I need to spend more time with good stuff & stop griping all the time.  So here is a small list of things I'm grateful for post:

1. I had my house painted & siding & sofit & fascia boards fixed & it looks soooooo good.   My door had been a mint green & now it's dark orange.  I'm getting new windows on February 6.  I'm going to have a brand new house, practically.



2.  Speaking of my house, I am so blessed to have it.  It's not a fancy house but it sure suits me.  It's big enough, it's warm, it's affordable.  I'm in a neighborhood full of rent houses but the house next door is for sale & I'd love it if someone would buy it to live in, maintain & love.  It has renters in it now.  I don't know if they go or stay with the sale.  They are nice enough people but everyone here pretty stays to themselves.  I'd hate to have to move at Christmas.  

3.  I love my little job.  15 hours a week & my boss & I laugh all day.  We're getting busier which makes the day fo faster & Kaye is making more money & I love it!!  She deserves it.

4.  It's silly but last month, Elon Musk a strange little billionaire, bought Twitter & there are rumors everywhere that it'll crash & I'm grateful it hasn't.  I watch videos on Facebook but don't participate in anything else.  I signed up for a new sodial media thing whose name I cannot even remember but if Twitter dies I won't even go over there.  It's not that important.  I like the "friends" I've met on Twitter & will miss them but if it goes, I go.  I try to not discuss politics on Twitter (but sometimes things sneak through) but I'd miss my Texas Tech friends, my old movie people & just some nice people I've met along the way.

5. I'm grateful that gas prices have gone down & the stock market has gone back up a little.  Earlier this year I just figured I'd have to live a couple of years left but with the upturn in the market I might be able to add a few months back.

6. I'm sleeping better.  I halved my Melatonin dosage & it has help considerably.  My body is weird!

7.  It's Texas Tech Basketball season.  It feeds my soul.

8. While I'm surrounded by renters, across the street I have Leslie & her sister Natalie who own the house & they have an about to be adopted little angel named Armani.  We've become friends & they are sweet.  I'm happy I have them!

9.  I'm grateful I'm off tomorrow & I don't have to set an alarm.  Woohoo!!

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