Sunday, February 12, 2023

I Shredded...& pokes

As I head towards tax season every year I am amazed at how much paper I have in my life.  I am a dinosaur that has a file cabinet & 3 of the 4 drawers have paper in them.  So I go through & take out the old insurance policies & stuff I don't need.  I never seem to make much progress.  And I know I'm too boring for anyone to look at the stuff but I shred it anyway. Today is Super Bowl day & I shredded during the half time show.

Along with the usual junk I put a couple of things through that poked at my heart.  The first is a picture of my friend Donna & I.  Apparently she has dropped me as a friend because of politics but has done it in a cowardly way & not told me.  I just have not heard from her since last May.  I've discussed this before in another post so I won't rehash it. But shredding the picture gave me a poke.

The other is a small book I got as a freshman in college & it's called 'The Nothing Book'.  It's a small paperback that has only blank pages.  The tag line says "Wanna make something of it?".  Basically it's a 70s model journal & it was full of things that would be in a journal or an dream board.  It was basically full of stuff that only meant something to me 50 years ago.  Nothing embarrassing, just 18 year old's thoughts,  but still not something I want others to read.  I went through it & read everything, Then I shredded it too.  Another poke. 

Edit:  Got a message today telling me she "thought about you last night when Tech beat Texas" & happy valentines day.  Wished it back.  Weird timing.


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