Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The Pig

The Pig


Ok, so I work at a small kitchen store & we have had an incident this week that has me baffled. And amazed.  

We have a brand of pan called Staub that makes enameled cookware & one they make is called a "cocotte" which is defined as a "small casserole in which individual portions can be cooked & served".    It also means "prostitute", which is odd & interesting.  And it's $200.  

On Friday, our pig walked out the door in the hands of a shoplifter.  We did not know til Monday when my boss asked us if we'd sold the pig.  She checked with every employee & we had not.  So she went to the tape & saw a large woman wearing scrubs bought a couple of scrubbies, then put a couple of thing into her large pockets & then she picked up the pig & walked right out the front door while the only employee was dealing with other customers. 

We were all heartbroken.  It had little to do with the pig but with the stealing of it.  If we've experienced it before, it's been little things.  We don't seem to have that clientele.  We have a high end & classy store.  But this took not just our pig but our trust as well.

So boss put a still picture & the video up on Facebook, asking for help.  And called the police. 

Yesterday, a man brought the pig & other things back to the store. He said he recognized the picture of his cousin Cindy & went to her house to get them.  He gave the owner his name & his cousin's name, with a sob story about her having mental issues & she took care of her dad & could not go to jail.  So this morning, that's where we stood. Name given to police.

Soooo...this morning, another guy calls to tell us her name.  But he gave us a different name.  We looked her up on Facebook & it was her.  And we were very confused.  The 2nd guy came into the store & I was dealing with customers & trying to keep them out of situation while bending my ears to hear what was going on.  This guy was somehow remotely related to woman & said he's been in her house & she had piles & piles of stuff that she may have also shoplifted.  He even called the guy who returned the pig & put on speakerphone & he admitted he'd given a false name for Cindy so she wouldn't go to jail.  Boss was going to call detective to give new scoop but I had to leave.  I'll have to get the skinny on Friday.  

Basically we had a really decent guy (2nd) & an almost decent guy (1st).  And boss is grateful.  Oh, and dirty low down thief is complaining to both that the video being posted & that it was still up.  So of course, it's going nowhere.  Lesson:  If you don't want the world to know you're a thief, don't be a thief that steals things. 

More to come!

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