Thursday, March 23, 2023

Today, I Had Some Kindness...

 I hate to say that simple kindness surprises me sometimes.  And I had some today.

The lady at Lowe's talking to me about blinds was amazingly good at her job, not something I expect from someone at a box store. I was ready to go somewhere else after dealing with the measuring crew's findings & estimate.  But she saved the sale.  

And then I bought a tester of paint & the kid who mixed it was quick & friendly.  And he upsold me! 

Then I went to Groves Library, where I thought the book I reserved last night was there.  But the nice girl found out it was a Mahon...and the team at Mahon had it ready for me when I showed up.

Then, because I was downtown, and it's a rule that if I'm east of University I've earned Fried Cheese Please from Spankys, So I got some.  Yum.  For today & tomorrow.  But I asked the girl behind the counter for a cup of water & she even brought me a 2nd cup because I guess I looked thirsty.  I think she appreciated that I put a tip in her cup instead of on my credit card because I'm convinced that management keeps all the tips put on the card.  So I give up cold hard cash for tips. 

The only unkindness was from my cousin. (See post above).   And that won't happen again.  I'm the only person who has tried to maintain a relationship. And I'm done.  He's not capable & I need to accept that. I don't have it in me to be kind anymore, though I won't be unkind.  Just letting it all go. 

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