Thursday, March 23, 2023

Windows !!!!!!


I finally have my new windows & they are beautiful!!  My little house was already the cutest house on the block but now it's even cuter.  Still a work in progress for sure. Today, I'm working on shades for my living room & bedroom, the rest to come later as I can afford them.  Just waiting for one more estimate, on Tuesday.  So excited!!

The bad news is next week, I have to pay for them.  😔 I sold part of a mutual fund to pay off.  I was dazzled & signed up with a monthly payment I could afford, financed.  At 6.99% interest.  Then I figured out that I'd be paying about $5800 in interest, a fact that offends me horribly. Thus, the pulling money out of the retirement funds. It's in my savings account til the first of the month, hoping to get a little interest before I send it all off.    

The salesman came by during the installation & he mentioned the interest rate is now 9.99%.  Wow.


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