Monday, June 20, 2022

Talk, Talk, Talk

I have many, many faults & one of those is I am a talker.  Because I live alone & have no people left, I go days & days without a conversation with anyone, not even strangers. So when I am around people sometimes I have too much to say.  I even know when I'm doing it & sometimes can't stop it but to be fair I try to temper it.

Today, I was leaving Costco & a lady had a cute service dog & I commented on how cute he was.  He was a harrier, a dog type I've never heard of.  She was telling me about him & how good he was on the ranch.  Turns out she & husband live down near Spur & we talked about that for a few minutes.  And then we went our separate ways.  And those 10 minutes made me happy.

I had also gone today for a haircut & it's always a short time because mostly we just get my bangs cut.  And then I went to the nail shop for an eyebrow wax.  As I was waiting a customer was having a dialogue with the person doing her toes the entire time I was there.  The toe tech also does eyebrows so I'm somewhat familiar with her & I know she is Chinese & her English is pretty good but even then still a little limited.  I'm pretty sure she was not understanding everything the woman was saying but she nodded alot.   And I thought then...these days there are a lot of people who need someone to talk to.  Nothing deep & soul spilling...just someone to listen to them--us--for a little while. 

The Twitter quote at the top is very true too.  Loneliness is hard.

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