Saturday, January 1, 2022

It's another new year...Happy 2022!!

There was a time I'd say I like even years more than odd years even though on my birthday I go from even to odd.  I had great hopes for 2020, not only an even number but a symetrical but to quote the song from 'Les Miserables' "God almighty, have you see what's happened since?".   But, at least at beginning of a new year, we all need a little hope for better things.   So here we are...the first day of 2022.

So here I & sound, in my warm house.   Thankful the mouse is gone (see previous post), thankful I have my own home.  We had rain yesterday & during the night & today we had snow!!  For the record, it was 78 degrees earlier in the week so it's our first smidge of winter.  And I like winter, even more now that I'm retired & don't have to go anywhere I don't want to go.  I should add that to my becoming my parents post.  

I guess I should have resolutions & goals for the new year although I'm not sure they work.  After the last 2 years, I'm just surprised when anything works.  The pandemic is just as widespread although maybe a little less severe.  But that doesn't stop the government rhetoric about it. The mean crap about vaccinations & quarentines continues. All we can do is wish for better.  So that's what I have ...wishes. 

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