Friday, April 29, 2022

Never too old to miss your Mama...

On Monday, I had to go to the most dreaded of all places for me, the grocery store.  I had not been in a month & my list was sketchy, as usual, so it took a little while.  While I was in the soft drink aisle, they only had 2 of my flavor & I had to buy 4 to get the sale price.  A store employee had gone back to check to see if they had more.   

In front of me was an older man, probably in is 80s, on a scooter.  He was reaching for drinks & they were a little out of his reach.  I leaned over & pulled them within his reach.   He said thank you--you have long arms! (I don't). But then he said "My mama had long arms.  When I was a little boy, if I was acting up, she'd reach over & pinch my ears!".  Then he looked up & he had tears in his eyes.  Then he said "I miss my mama".  I told him I missed my mama too.  

We are never too old to miss our Mamas.  

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