Friday, April 29, 2022

Vegas Hangover


To start:  I've never seen 'The Hangover' which is a movie about guys in Las Vegas for a bachelor party..  I've watched less & less Hollywood movies that were made in the past few years & silly buddy movies are not my thing.   

And I don't drink, except for our las day in Vegas, my niece & I always sit & have a drink & snacks.  This time it was at a burger place called Wahlburgers & I had some strawberry lemonade thing & it was good.  And we had fried pickles, cheese & spinich bites and some kind of tater tot things.  That's the extent of my drinking since last time we were there in August 2020. 

Where was I going here?

Oh, yeah.  I got home last Thursday, a week ago. I had not slept much, although on my last night I was alone & did not go down to casino to play but put my jammies on & relaxed.  And I have trouble eating.  And I'd had more than my 10,000 steps every day.  And the dry air, along with the stress made me break out in fever blisters on both top & bottom lips.  Not unusual...Hawaii gave me a mouth full of blisters.  But I'm almost recovered.  The blisters are being a little stubborn.  But basically, it takes me longer to recover than the time I'm away.  Add that to the fact that flying is not my favorite thing & I've never enjoyed car trips because I got very, very car sick when I was little.  I was always survived that my mom didn't just strap me to the top of the car.  That poor women cleaned up a ton of puke.

I'm almost 100% and balanced.   No more trips for awhile. 

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