Friday, April 15, 2022

Rough Week

 I've had a rough week inside me. 

My phone has not rung all week.  I've made a couple of calls but no one thought to call me. And that's not unusual.  I can normally handle things well but I am, at the moment, overwhelmed with lonliness.  Overwhelmed.  And feeling very sorry for myself right now.  

We all know I love my judge shows & everyday they have family & friends fighting over whatever & I don't even have anyone to fight with, which is good...I can't handle chaos. But still.  I can't explain it.

I have had contact this week which should make things better.  I had lunch with a friend on Saturday, which I initiated.  And today I had lunch with my nephew, which I initiated.  And as a wonderful suprise, the lady across the street & her little girl came over to invite me to Easter lunch which I can't do because I have plans before I go to the airport.  But I totally appreciate it!   So why am I complaining?   Because I'm a whiner, that's why.  

Sunday I'll see my niece & her partner in Las Vegas & we'll be there for 4 days.  And I'll see hundreds of other people.  Maybe that will pull me out of my funk.  I hope something does & quickly.  I hate feeling like this.  

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