Thursday, December 1, 2022

Bakery Judge

I've decided on my next retirement job.  I want to be a bakery judge.  In Hawaii where it's always warm.

I'm streaming a 10 year old show called 'Britain's Best Bakery' where 2 "expert" judges go from bakery to bakery eating.  Sounds like a heck of a job to me.

And I'm already tired of winter so I need to move to Hawaii.  And extra 5k a month should help me live comfortably.  😀

We have bakeries in America of course but these Brit bakeries seem like a bigger deal.  I go sometimes to a cupcake store.  There is a lunch place that has more choices.  But I can't think of one in town that anyone gets up at 3am to bake breads & cakes & pastries every day.  I've seen patissere's in hotels in Las Vegas & NY but seriously by the time we get back & I'm ready to make a choice, they are always closed. 😕.   In Las Vegas, there is a little food court thing in Harrah's that has "treats", my niece's favorite thing.  We usually both pick out something yummy looking & split it.  As with most of life, the look is normally better than the taste.  

But these Brit bakeries look yum!!  After 10 years and a full plandemic, I hope it's still the same now.

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