Thursday, December 29, 2022

Neighborhood Chaos

 On Monday, about 6pm I noticed water on the driveway next door but I didn't pay much attention.  Then when I headed to bed about 1045, I heard water running & I wondered it was wasn't.  I got my little flashlight & went over & found water running down the side of the house.  The residents have been evicted & had moved stuff last week but I hadn't seen them since, so no one waas there.  I called 311, thinking I'd be connected to the water department but instead they sent the fire department to turn the water off.  Big old truck engine, luckily no sirens or lights (except for the lighted Christmas wreath on the front) with 4 firemen.  They tromped through all the water in the back yard, to the alley.  Later, the one rookie, covered in mud & the 3 clean firemen left.  

The house has a realtor's sign & no one answered Monday at 6 or 1045...I called the next day & still no answer.  So I looked at the appraisal district to find owner & at Facebook to see if I could contact.  The wife said we had a mutual friend, my realtor Amy.  She didn't answer but her partner found the realtor & contacted him.  

Next thing I saw was a locksmith changing locks.  Then the realtor who said there was no damage inside ...just busted pipes under house.  It wasn't an hour & there was a clean up company hauling stuff off.  Then a little later the mad tenants showed.  Not sure what went on...not sure what was legal...not my business for sure.  But in that vein, I'm appalled that the tenant's kids had to see people hauling off their stuff & having to move because their parents didn't pay rent.  And sad for the tenants that they had to see people taking their stuff too.  But they should have taken care of business.   Not sure if dad still lived there...he works in oil field & I have not seen him in months.  Mom doesn't work, they have 4 kids who occasionally go to school in a whole other town, mom is gone driving all day but not working. I have a hard time understanding choices people make all day.

Realtor said he took video & saw several mice.  I hope they don't decide to move into my house.  

Gonna be interesting to see what happens.

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