Sunday, December 25, 2022

New Year's Resolutions

It's only Christmas night so maybe it's a little early but here we are.  I think the last time I wrote down resolutions was 2020 & we all know what happened in that disaster year.  

I watch a lot of videos on Facebook & there are a lot of people screaming at each other about maskes & vaxes.  Thank God that's over.  For the record someone is going to have to sit on my every day of my life to make me wear a mask or get another vax.

So here goes:

1. Read on book everyday.

2. Write every day.  This one will be tough.

3. Get savings back up to 10k+

4. Eliminate sugar from my life. It won't be 100%...I still need in tea & on cereal but no overt sugar.  This includes getting rid of sugary cereals.

5. No soft drinks

6. Twitter once a day.  I've become too dependent on it. I already have eliminate Facebook, except for the videos.  I don't read posts. 

7. Ignore Hollywood stories.  It's a little stange but we all need to eliminate the garbage in our lives. Need to include "royals" in that too.

8. Do the 15 hours a week.  Don't get involved.

9. Don't think people are going to change.  Don't count on anyone but me.  Don't trust what others say.  Too many have shown exactly who they are & what my friendship means to them.  I need to take care of me only. 

10. be continued

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