Sunday, September 4, 2022

12 Days of Corn--Day 1

 I've been working on a project since the first of the year.  I'm in the waning month I think but we'll see.

Growing up in the country, we certainly did not go to the grocery store every day or every week and sometimes not every month.  We also only got to go to restaurants when we went to get groceries.  So my mom bought lots when she bought because she had to make it last.  We also grew up with fresh milk & eggs & fresh or canned garden veggies.  I don't have the advantage of the last part...I have to buy everything at the store.  Well, except hopefully 4 bell peppers that might live to ripeness.  And maybe some stupid tomatoes if hell freezes over.  That's already well documented...But anyhoo...So basically I buy too much & I throw out alot.  I never buy one can, I buy two.  For some reason I think I need toilet paper, paper towels, laundry soap & dishwasher soap from Costco in super honker sizes. 

My goal is to stop doing all of that.  But I had a great store up, so my project has been to eat my way through my pantry & freezer & I'm maing quite a dent!  But for some reason I have a corn on the cob stash.  12 ears to be precise. As I'm hoping to not go to the grocery store til October, I have 26 days to get through the corn.  This was today:  

Corn day 1.  1 down, 11 to go!

For the record, I get milk at Target or Braum's to stay avoid grocery til October so I cheat just a little.  I did buy Lactaid milk at Target last week, which is lactose free & has an October expiration date.  I also bought bananas at Target & peaches at the farmer's market last week.

I actually love a challenge & because I seem to be reaching my goal, it's kind of fun.  Plus there is no bread or cookies or anything I didn't have so that can only help. I have baked a couple of things but that's not going to last long.  

When this all done, I'm going to try to shop for the week.  We'll see if I can do it. 

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