Wednesday, September 14, 2022

If you could read my mind...

 If you could read my mind,love

What a tale your thoughts could tell

Just like a paperback novel

The kind the drugstore sells...

It's kind of an odd reference I guess but I heard this song by one of my favorite singers Gordon Lightfoot today coming home & I've always loved it.  And from the first time I heard it, these words make me think about the fact that I've always been a reader. My mom used to joke  that when I die I'll have my nose in a book.  And she's probably right.

I spent time in the school library of course & even now I go to the library.  I used to buy books but I don't read them more than once & feel it's a waste of money.  But growing up in a small town, I read lots of books from the rounder rack at the grocery store, not the drugstore. They were $2.99 or something then & it was never a matter of reading everything a writer wrote.  It was a matter of reading what they had. And I read them all. 

Now it's different of course.  I pick & choose & get books from library & garage sale & Ebook.  But part of me misses the serendipity of the old days.

Its different & the same because there is still always a book.  

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