Monday, September 19, 2022

Queen Elizabeth

Today was the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kindom.  She had ruled since 1953.  From all accounts she was a kind woman & I remember watching the movie 'The Queen' & one of the prime ministers allegedly said that anyone who met her had a little crush.   There was criticism about colonization & the UK not giving freedom to some of their territories.  I know that's not the word but I can't think of exact word. But I'm not sure any of the takeovers were her doing but not releasing them is hers ultimately.  Anyway, there was controversy. But she died at age 96 last week.  She is going to be buried to her husband who died earlier this year.  And may she rest in peace.

She was also a mom & a grandmother. 

She raised the future king, the petulant Charles.  He's already had a couple of hissy fits on camera with pens & stuff on a desk.  I guess when you are 75 & have been cooling your heals for years waiting for mom to abdicate or kick off you can be a little grumpy.  He's a major stuffed shirt & boring as hell.  Long live the king my ass.

And Princess Anne who has apparently been a quiet hardworking royal over the years.  She has looked pretty stoic & I feel sorry her for the most.  Apparently she & her mom were close.  I remember what it felt like to lose my mom.  

Prince Andrew, who settled a lawsuit for having sex with an underage girl.  It cost the Queen something in the millions.  She stood behind him because he was her son but removed him from senior royal title & stripped him of his military status.  All was a big deal I guess but it feels like he was just living in her basement.

Prince Edward.  Apparently has a job, doesn't do roya stuff much & was a military washout.

I don't know all of the players except Prince William got a new title as Prince of Wales & a billion dollar inheritance. He'll be king next.

This entire thing was pomp & circuumstance.  Lying in state, mile long lines to walk by the coffin. Staged 15 minute ceremonial vigils first by her kids, 2nd by grands.   All were in their nutcracker suits with the medals.  Even Andrew & Prince Harry got special dispensations to wear uniforms.  Even the youngest grand at 14 had medals on his suit, given for the Queen's 70 Jubilee.  Geez.

These clowns have billions of dollars for which they cut ribbons & eat lunch.  The actual country has a prime minister & a parliament to do country business. They get new titles & ribbons & medals to put on the nutcracker suits apparently just because they're them.  Pedofiles are apparently ok. Bullying is ok.  And it rumors of Charles all but needing to have his butt wiped.  It's seriously a circus. 

And Prince Harry & his attention seeking wife Meghan whine daily about the "firm" (royal family) being mean to them.   They left the family but still want the perks.  They lost HRH status (his royal highness...yawn) but kept the Duke & Duchess of Sussex titles.  They don't even want to cut ribbons or eat lunch but want the advantages those title apparently carry.  Oh, and they sue for lack of privacy but they could just step back & shut up & no one would care.

It's a complete circus. But at least the dog & pony show from today is over.  Ironically, her pony & dogs were at the funeral.

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