Sunday, July 24, 2022


 The title may be pushing it a little but I don't like people watching what I do.  Not openly & not in secret.  And I'm not paranoid about the Chinese government watching my life, mainly because everyone has better things to do than looking at my life.  It's people I know.  

I gave up Facebook a few months ago & have absolutely no regrets & one of the main things that are an advantage is that people know way less about my life.  I was never a big sharer but if I did share something I'm ok with someone asking questions if my post wasn't clear.  What bugged me is, for example, is if I followed a business (my cousin's business) that a person calls to ask why I'm following a brewery.  Or the same person attacking me if I passed on a joke that I thought was funny but she didn't think it was funny.  Everything I do is not everyone's business.  And yes, it was on Facebook but it was also info that was no big deal for someone to know.  Again, didn't share much & certainly not much too personal.  

And today, the person I share streaming services with questioned me about a movie that came up on her Firestick.  She was asking it if it was good but it bugged me because she knew about it.  And that info should not be out there. There was nothing problematic with the movie...I just don't like being questioned.  

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