Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Birthday Cake



I had a birthday a couple of weeks ago & my friend Deb & I went to lunch at Red Robin & then went to Olive Garden for zeppolis for dessert.  I love, love,love zeppolis.  I didn't have a birthday cake but I'm fine with that.  Zeppolis are better. 

But today on Twitter a lady posted a picture of her son holding his homemade birthday cake with a "16" & 16 candles. And I loved it.  I think fancy decorated cakes are very pretty although sometimes they don't taste great.  And they are expensive. But some don't have time or inclination to make a cake.  Or mostly it's for show for the big birthday party.  It's nothing these days to spend hundreds on a first birthday party.

I can remember one birthday party growing up.  I think I was 10.  Mom made a cake & we had kids over & I got presents & we played outside.  And it was fun.  My cake tasted good of course because everything my mom made was good.  She wasn't a decorator but she bought these at the grocery & put them on the cake.  They are made of some candy thing & are stuck to a page.  She had to wet the back of the page & pull them off.  And usually, at least 2 letters were broken so there was some creative ways to put them back together. 

I'm not complaining about lack of party.  Never been a huge fan to be honest.  Birthday dinner was always I wanted & there was always a German Chocolate Cake at the end of it which was way better than any other birtyday cake. 

The Twitter story just brought back a memory.  But zeppolis make memories too.  😊

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