Saturday, August 27, 2022

It's Baseball Time

 I've decided if I were rich I'd travel from town to town to watch minor league baseball which are techncally more fun than major league because the parks are smaller & the fans more fun.  I do love major league but I don't get to Arlington very often to see my Rangers play & Bally Southwest, those greedy bastards, only let Direct TV subscribers see the games anymore.  I hate them.

In my research, I found some that are Summer Collegiate Leagues & not quite minor league or affiliated with major league clubs.  I'm adding them because I love baseball & boys--no matter what age--that want to play as long as they can. 

But I digress.

Here are some of the names.  I'm not a t shirt person but I'd need something from each team.

1. Lubbock Crickets  Our team from 1995-1999.  They didn't fly...not sure why.  Enjoyed every game.  Named after Buddy Holly's band.

2. Sod Poodles, Amarillo,TX  Sod Poodles are prairie dogs. I remember thinking it's a dumb name but it really fits in. 

3. Rocket City Trash Pandas, Huntsville,AL

4.  Rock Hounds, Midland,TX

5.  Pit Spitters, Traverse City, Michigan

6.  Biscuits, Montgomery, AL

7. Tomateros, Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico

8. Bananas, Savannah,GA

9.  51s, Las Vegas,NV  Named after "Area 51" alien landing area.

10.  Lugnuts, Lansing,MI

11.  Tin Caps, Fort Wayne, IN

12.  White Caps, Comstock Park, MI

13. Inland Empire 66ers, San Bernadino, CA

14.  Portland Pickles, Portland, OR

15. Bees, Salt Lake City, UT

16. Wind Surge, Wichita, KS

17. Express, Round Rock,TX

18. Roughriders, Frisco,TX

19.  Hooks, Corpus Christi,TX

20.   Storm Chasers, Omaha,NE 

21.   Isotopes, Albuquerque,NM

22.  Reserves, Wasco,CA

23.   Weirdos, Austin,TX

24.   Saguaros,Tuscon,AZ 

25.  Drillers, Tulsa, OK

26.   Bluecats, Waco,TX

27.   Black Bears, Granville, WV

28.   Redbirds, Memphis,TN

29.   Sounds, Nashville,TN

30.   Paddleheads, Missoula,MT

31. Rubber Ducks, Akron,OH 

32.  Bats, Louisville,KY

But I also found the Mashers, Louisville,KY

33.  Hot Rods, Bowling Green, KY

34.  Y'alls, Florence, KY

35. Grizzlies, Sauget, IL

36. Shockers, Biloxi,MS

37. Rocky Mountain Vibes, Colorado Springs,CO

Used to be:
And was once:

38.  Bacon, Macon, GA

39.  Stingers, Willmar,MN

40. Hot Tots, Minot, ND

41. River Monsters, Seguin, TX

42. Bombers, Bryan-College Station, TX

43.   Cane Cutters, Youngsville, LA  (Acadiana)

44.  Rougarous, Baton Rouge, La

45.  Generals, Victoria,TX

46.  Crawdads, Hickory NC 

But on a couple of promotion nights, they were completely different teams!
The Dickery Docks...

And The Couch Potatoes!

47.  Naturals, Northwest Arkansas..Springdale, AR

48. Threshers, Clearwater, FL



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