Saturday, August 27, 2022

Stupid tomatoes

I planted my tomatoes in May & have faithfully watered the every day all summer & given them plant food every other week.  I've hit them with my yardstick to promote some pollination.  And they grew tall & had some early blooms but nothing took. And it was a dry, long hot summer, many days over 100 without a drop of rain.  Basically the plants baked. But finally, a month ago I got 2 little green tomatoes.  They were about 1/2" in diameter & never got any bigger.  They are supposed to be big boy tomatoes!  And then last week, they had the nerve to turn red.  Anyone want to split a BLT?

I think they are out of here tomorrow.

I do have 2 bell pepper plants & both have peppers on them that are actually growing.  They are supposed to be red so I'm keeping a close eye on them & still watering every day.

This may be my last year for tomatoes.  It's too excruciating. 

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