Thursday, August 18, 2022

The Potential Man Of My Dreams Is A Dud


Last Friday, on my birthday, I was at work & a guy was trying to avoid his car getting hit by a woman who kept backing out & he ended up hitting the side of my car.  It's not bad...a dent & some paint damage.  He came in the store, asked if we knew whose car it was, gave us his insurance info & apologized.  I talked to the insurance adjuster yesterday & got an estimate today.  There is about $2000 worth of damage.  Hopefully we'll get it fixed soon.

I was sitting in the waiting room at the body shop waiting for the guy to do the estimate & got into a conversation with a man sitting there.  He said he'd backed his new truck into a pole.  Oops. He was kinda flirty...not something I'm used to experiencing...and I might have been able to play along...not a skill I have much...   This is what I learned today about him:

1. He's 68

2. Retired in 2019

3. Was a special ed teacher in Levelland

4. Divorced

5. Lives with his brother.

6. Takes care of his 96 year old mom.

7. Has traveled some but wants to go more. He went on Amtrack up to NY last year & saw Niagra Falls.  That sounds fun. I told him we'd been to NYC in 2019 & to Vegas in April.  Asked who I traveled with.

8. Hates that his brother watches Fox news 24 hours a day. 

9. Can't imagine how anyone could spend 3 days in Vegas.   Doesn't like to spend money gambling.  *Any luster he had is fading fast*

10.  Thinks Joe Biden is doing a good job.  *Dead in the water*

Car BooBoo
For the record, not worst thing that has happened on my birthday.  2 years ago, I had to have a root canal.

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