Saturday, December 18, 2021

Bridget Hanley

Candy & Jeremy 


In 1968 a TV show came on called 'Here Come the Brides' set sometime in the late 1800s Seattle, a logging town full of men but the only single women were Lottie the saloon owner & Miss Essie, the school teacher. The men are ready to move on to a place with women when the Bolt brothers Jason, Joshua & Jeremy vow to go back to Massachusetts to bring back brides.  They kept their promise & Candy Pruitt (Bridget Hanley) was one of them.  She was the love of youngest son Jeremy (Bobby Sherman, the absolute love of all of my 11 years).  Candy never got to be an actual bride although she & Jeremy were engaged when the show was cancelled.  It was only on for 2 seasons.

I have to admit I wanted to be Candy, mainly because Jeremy loved her, but also because she had impossibly cute hair that would be impossible now to do every day, much less in the 1800s.  And trust me I tried.  I have lots of hair but that hairdo was impossible.  I picture 4 hours in a chair & lots of hair pieces.  

Sadly, Bridget Hanley died yesterday.  I can't say I've kept up with her career although it appears she was in a few things.  I did watch a documentary piece on the Motion Picture Retirement Home, a place in Hollywood financed by "the industry" to help people in the movie business who have found on leaner times.  She was a resident of the home.  And I read she had Alzheimer's which makes me very sad.  

She was a part of my childhood, another link gone.  Another memory.  

My only other observation is that Candy & Jeremy might have gotten married but I'm sure his brother Joshua would have stolen her from Jeremy.  I say that tongue in cheek because actor David Soul (Joshua) stole Bobby Sherman's real life wife.  According to reports he knocked her around awhile before moving on.  What a prince.  

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