Friday, December 24, 2021


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When I first retired in 2010, I worked seasonal at Walgreens.  They were open then 7am-9pm.  I'm not sure of their hours now in pandemic world.  And open 365 days a year.  So I got to work Christmas day.  I think we open 9am-6pm that day.  And we were busy all day long.  4 registers and lines down the aisles.  What the heck?  And people coming in wondering if we had pies & salad ingredients & mad that we didn't.  .  We were like, "It's is a drug store".  And at 6pm we had a manager standing at the door letting people out.  And when we finally got rid of everyone & the door was locked there were still people trying to get in.  They saw us inside trying to close & they were beating on the door & yelling.  And I'm sad to say I knew one of them, a guy I used to work with.  

I understand that someone might need an emergency pharmacist on a holiday but there was not one working that day.  They have a 24 hour pharmacy at another location.  If they had an emergency, we referred them.  Something a sign on a door could have done.  I don't understand why ANY store needs to be open on Christmas day.  I tend to think twice about shopping with them when it's not Christmas. 

I do remember a nice lady (yep, shopping on Christmas day) saying she could not believe we had to work.  She bought the 4 of us pints of Blue Bell ice cream.  

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