Saturday, December 25, 2021

Call the Midwife Christmas Special 2021

Cyril & Lucille


I love this show!!

We start with the week leading up to Lucille & Cyril's wedding day.  The baby business is strangely slow so everyone is helping plan the wedding.  Violet Buckle is making the wedding dress.  Sister Hilda is baking a cake, even though it's a tradition of Lucille's church for the church ladies to walk up the aisle with cakes.  Trixie is doing flowers. Nurse Phyllis is lending moral support as she remembers her friend Nurse Barbara.  After the man who was going to give Lucille away falls ill, Fred Buckle will give her away with Reggie taking over as best man.  Even the gorgeous Matthew, who I hope they finally let Trixie happily ever after with, gets in the act as the chauffeur to get the bride to the church on time.  

But then, there are complications.  Babies decide to be born in waves.  We have a woman having her 5th with complications.  One has a heroin addiction.  We found out that the Turners' May was born addicted.  I'm always scared what will happen with her.  One is a Sister Francis' first breach.  I'm sure I've missed a couple here.  

Oh, and after a mistakenly drunken hen party, poor Lucille takes a tumble on the stairs & ends up with massive black eye 3 doors before the wedding.  Leave it to Sister Monica Joan to come up with a solution.  Leeches.  Yep, they went there.  But in 50 minutes, they pulled the patch off & the black eye was gone.  I cannot even imagine sitting still for a scene where Dr Turner was standing above me with a leech to attach to my eye.  Yuck.  But Sister MJ is always way smarter than people give her credit for. 

The wedding was beautiful.  Everything settled down & it went off without a hitch.  Nurse Phyllis comes up with perfect attendants...babies that Lucille delivered now 5 year olds. She wears a locket with her parents' pictures inside. Even Sister Hilda gets to walk up the aisle carrying her cake. 

This show--in general--makes me laugh and cry on a regular basis.  I found myself grinning like a fool with every new baby.  

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