Wednesday, December 8, 2021

It's Been A Week...

I've done well this week with the fasting deal.  I weighed this morning and the scale actually showed I'd gained 1/2 pound.  BUT I'm not discouraged because I am feeling lighter.  I wore jeans this week & feel a difference.  And my appetite is down.  I checked the website & they said a small gain is not unusual.  It says it may take a month or so.  And my fat has been around awhile so I'm sure it's hanging on for dear life.

154 pounds today.

And I'm surprisingly doing very well with not eating after 6.  The issue I need to work on is that even if I sleep a little later in the morning (and I do...the joy of being retired!) I wake up hungry & can't eat til 10am.  Lots of days I never ate til lunch or so but I guess it's the end of the 16 hours that's different.  One issue I've always had while Weight Watchers, which worked very well for that by the end of the day I was starving.  I used to keep a bag of carrots in my car to eat on the way home from work.  Now, oddly, I look up at 530 or so thinking I should eat something even if I'm not necessarily hungry because 10am is a long way off.  Tonight I had a small apple & some yogurt.  And I usually fix a caffeine free Diet Coke (12 oz can) about noon & I need to finish it by 6.  I can drink water, tea or coffee.  I've been pouring out some of my Coke at 6.  

I'm encouraged.  

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