Saturday, December 25, 2021

Christmas 2021


I'm good so far.  

Even though I'm not much on Christmas, for some reason I feel the need for a  Christmas dinner.  Probably because I have a food addiction.  I like to think it's subsided alot but it'll always be there.  I'm working on it.  I don't cook much anymore because it's a lot of work for one meal.  I don't like leftovers so mostly I only eat it once.  One of my eternal New Year's resolutions is to save money & I can do that pretty well if I only make enough food & don't throw any out.  It's a 2022 goal to do it better.  

And probably because a special dinner is what my body & psyche expects.  Today I made a chocolate pie & a fruit salad & for a few seconds, it smelled like Mom's kitchen on Christmas day.  It was overwhelming. I also made a forgettable piece of ham & a baked potato.  

Surprise (no surprise) the fruit salad & pie were the best part.  That sounds like supper to me.  And possibly breakfast tomorrow. 

Now time for another Christmas tradition...a nap. Zzzzzz.

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